Friday, October 24, 2008

No Question Left Behind

I just posted this on the Catholic Dads blog:

Some of you fellow inhabitants of Catholic Dads-Land may be familiar with Maureen Wittmann, who is well known in the Catholic homeschooling world for her contributions as an author, blogger, and speaker.

I first got to know Maureen via e-mail after the 2007 March for Life, when she contacted Generations for Life, the pro-life youth outreach I work for, and we helped her and a group of teens start a new pro-life club in Lansing, MI.

She wrote us recently to tell us about a great new blog — written by teens, for teens — called No Question Left Behind.

Originally, No Question Left Behind was supposed to be a book, but those plans fell through. So now, it's a blog.

In the introduction, Maureen (who edited it) writes:

It is my hope that the No Question Left Behind blog is a help to the many teens whose hearts are filled with questions about themselves, their friends, the world, and the Church.

For those of you who have teenage kids, or for those of you (like me) who work with teens, I think you'll find NQLB to be a great resource.

What makes it unique is that teens themselves not only wrote the questions, but also answers to those questions. Those who contributed are a mix of Catholic high school, public high school, and homeschooled students.

There are some great questions, including:

A post with a new Q & A — there are over 200 in all — appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so visit and visit often.

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sunnyday said...

Great to know about this initiative by young people! :-)