Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The attempt to force abortion on Northern Ireland has failed.

Two of my co-workers spoke at a Rally for Life in Belfast on Saturday calling on the Westminster Parliament not to impose abortion on the province, and we — and indeed all pro-lifers on both sides of the Atlantic — are thrilled at this news.


The Dutchman said...

I didn't know abortion was illegal in Belfast, though I did know it wasn't legal in Free Ireland. (I remember a movie, the Proclaimers, where a girl in trouble took the ferry over to Cardiff to get a quick scrape. It almost made me ashamed to be Welsh). Anyway, this is surely good news.

Here's a link giving the abortion situation the world around. Do note that the US has the most liberal abortion laws anywhere:

sunnyday said...

Yey!! This bolsters my optimism for my own country, where right now "reproductive health" is being fiercely debated (online mostly as Congress is on a break till Nov. 9).

petrufied said...

echoing sunnyday: I hope something like this would happen in the phils also, regarding the reproductive health bill. I hope people will see why pushing contraceptives will not solve anything. huzzah for a change of heart!