Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Esteemed Company (Part 2)

The conference in Nebraska went very well. This was the first time I'd given a talk of any significant duration to a (mostly) adult audience, and I was pleased with it. And, talking with folks afterward, it seemed to be well received.

And there was much rejoicing...

The teen conference we ran earlier in the day also went very well. The organizers were hoping for at least 100 students; some 150 attended!

We also got a lot of great feedback on the conference evaluation forms. Here are some of the comments we received:

"I learned a lot being here. It changed my thinking on what abortion really is and it made me think of how I can help others to see what we see."

"I am glad I came. I think the pro-life message is important for today's young people to support because we are the future and change will only occur if we are willing to stand up for what we believe."

"The conference was inspirational and motivational! It made me want to go out and make a difference!"

"Very informative and motivating! I love babies!"

"I thought it was really good. I didn't know what to expect, but it was really well done, appealing, and getting to the point."

"You guys are awesome and I'm glad there's people who are trying to help every teen out in the fight for life."

"I thought it was very informative and inspired me to get more involved."

"Very good! Thank you so much! I've been very pro-life my entire life but I learned so much about WHY I am today."

"It was really informative, a great way to meet kids with the same values."

"I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing my peers believe in the same things."

"I thought it was good to learn how I can defend what I believe. It also really stuck out to me when the video said we need to educate ourselves -- showed me how much more responsible I need to become."

I particularly liked this one:

"I loved it soooo much and am going to argue with my pro-choice teacher about everything."



On a completely different note: Gas is A LOT CHEAPER in Nebraska than what we're used to paying in Cook Crook County.

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