Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In Esteemed Company

This Saturday, the speakers at the Nebraska Catholic Conference's "Celebrating 40 Years of Humanae Vitae" conference will be:

  • Dr. Janet Smith, Chair of Life Ethics, Professor of Moral Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

  • Sr. Renee Mirkes, Director, Center for NaPro Ethics, Pope Paul VI Institute

  • Susan Wills, Esq., Director of Education, Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • Me

To say that I'm flattered at this privilege would be a colossal understatement.

The talk I'll be giving is titled "A Springtime in the Church: Forming and Activating the Next Generation".

Earlier in the day, my co-worker Annie Casselman and I will be running the teen segment of the conference, the theme for which is "Reclaiming Our Generation for Life".

That said, I'll have my hands full with preparations these next few days, so I likely shan't be blogging again till next week.

In the meantime, prayers would be sincerely appreciated.


The Dutchman said...

Dr. Janet Smith is one smart cookie!

Jackie Parkes said...

Certainly will pray. What an amazing conference..

sunnyday said...

How did the Conference go?

John Jansen said...


That she is!


Thank you!


Quite well, thanks. I just posted a new entry on this very subject.