Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Passing the Time by Experiencing the National Pastime the Way It Was Played in a Past Time

If you ask me, bringing together baseball and history results in the best combination since nuts and gum peanut butter and chocolate.

Imagine my glee, then, when I read this article about the growing nationwide popularity of vintage baseball teams:

For members of the year-old vintage baseball team, it's about playing like it's 1858 -- when the sport was two words, "base ball," and the lightweight uniforms and protective mitts of today had not been invented.

Vintage baseball is part sport, part historical re-enactment for the amateur teams popping up all over the United States. Many, including the [Lockport, IL] Sleepers, are named after actual teams from back in the day, when games were both gentlemanly competition and social events to bring neighboring towns together.

I defy anyone to say vintage baseball isn't cool.


PB said...

Is it as cool as this???

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid we don't know much about it over here!

John Jansen said...

PB - Heh!

Mrs. Jackie Parkes - I know precious little about cricket, but I'm told that baseball is not entirely unlike cricket.