Monday, August 20, 2007

Best. Church Picnic. Ever.

Despite a weekend rainfall total approaching biblical proportions that moved nearly all activities into the basement, yesterday's church picnic at St. John Cantius Parish was the best one I've ever attended, for one reason and one reason only:

They served Hacker-Pschorr beer.

Need I say more?


Anthony Thompson said...

Its a good beer...but I dont trust anything that must comply with German laws of purity. Uh oh.

Good to see you and the family back in MN!

The Dutchman said...

My daughter was worried that they wouldn't have the water balloon fight until I pointed out: "Yeah — can't have a water balloon fight in the rain. People might get wet."

John Jansen said...

Tony (what is this Anthony business?) -- I remember hearing T. D. Mischke making a comment along those lines several years ago.

I heard he's on middays now. What's up with that?


Indeed. From a kid's point of view, a water balloon fight is as essential to a church picnic as beer is for adults.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!