Thursday, June 18, 2009

If You Believe That, I Have a Senate Seat I'd Like to Sell You

The Chicago 2016 bid team thinks we're uber-stupid:

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- Faced with losing the 2016 Summer Games to competing cities offering full government guarantees, Mayor Richard Daley made an about-face Wednesday and said the City of Chicago would sign a contract agreeing to take full financial responsibility for the Games. ...

But Wednesday's decision ups the ante considerably. If something goes terribly wrong with the Olympic plans and the city exhausts its package of limited government guarantees and private insurance, "any shortcomings will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers, and that's the end of the story," said Olympic historian Kevin Wamsley, of the University of Western Ontario.

The Chicago 2016 bid team says this is unlikely to happen.

Cue the laugh track.

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chestertonian said...

I couldn't be more against Chicago getting the Olympics if I tried. Well, I guess if I lived there I'd be more against it, but not much. This will be nothing but a huge ego-stroke for Daley. He will get all the glory and the rest of us will get all the cost. And I just don't mean Chicago taxpayers, or even just Cook County taxpayers.

As usually happens, Chicago, through its lackeys in the General Assembly, will make sure all of Illinois gets stuck with the cost of this. Jeez how I hate that freaking city and the pro-abort Catholic crooks who run it.