Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doug Kmiec, Jill Stanek, Barack Obama, Infanticide, and "Common Ground"

In response to Doug Kmiec's June 1 National Catholic Reporter column, in which he writes:

I don't see how keeping the outrageous claim alive today that President Obama’s contrary view somehow supports “infanticide” leads toward common ground.

...our friend Jill Stanek writes today on her blog: "I can now irrefutably state Doug Kmiec is a disingenuous person."

It is indeed not a little troubling that Kmiec continues to obdurately deny that Barack Obama voted to support legalized infanticide.

Kmiec also writes in his column:

A good beginning would be to heed President Obama’s call to reduce the need for abortion, through education, contraception, improved adoption services, and support for a woman to carry her pregnancy to term. [emphasis added]

One of these things — guess which one — is not like the others.

It's scandalous that Kmiec would expect his fellow Catholics to even consider for a second that the Bullwinkle Approach might be a good idea.

Aside from being, um, seriously wrong, it also doesn't work.

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