Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When it comes to evangelization, I'm a big believer in meeting people where they're at.

That's why I think this* is an absolutely brilliant ad campaign:

Now, for the important question: Is it working?


Officials in the dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre acknowledge the piece is a bit "edgy," but they say they needed to grab Catholics' attention to get them back into the confessional booth - especially during Holy Week...

The newly released "Soul Wow" video was a hit, church officials said, and along with a companion print and radio campaign has helped boost the number of people who went to confession during Holy Week this year. The two dioceses sponsored the campaign jointly.

"Confessions were very, very heavy," said the Rev. Kieran Harrington of the Diocese of Brooklyn. "We feel it was very successful."

Like Brooklyn, the Diocese of Rockville Centre, home to 1 1/2 million Catholics, does not keep precise statistics on the number of people attending confession. But officials also said anecdotal evidence indicated a sharp uptick this year. [emphasis added]

* See the ShamWow ad that this ad spoofs here.

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Eric Scheidler said...

Saw something in the same vein on the DC metro last week -- an ad reading "Longing for Something?" and then in bigger type, "Maybe it's God" with a web address:


Sponsorship? The Archdiocese of Washington.

-- Eric