Monday, April 6, 2009

The Lakefront on "Lockdown"

Reason #614237809079814236 to oppose Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympics:

Plans for the proposed 2016 Olympic Village and lakefront sports venues would force cyclists, runners and walkers to divert from long stretches of the paths east of Lake Shore Drive during virtually all of July and August 2016. ...

Chicago 2016 bid officials conceded that closings—which they called "redirection"—for security reasons would dramatically alter recreational use during the weeks encompassing not only the Olympics (July 22-Aug. 7) and the Paralympics (Aug. 17-29), but a "lockdown" period beforehand.

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chestertonian said...

Letting Chicago host the Olympics is like giving rapists access to your wife and daughters. That city is run by some of the most evil, reprehensible men in the country.