Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Show Me a Culture That Despises Virginity and I'll Show You a Culture That Despises Children*

Quoth Canadian pro-choice activist Joyce Arthur in a comment on the National Post website:

Yes Matt W, let’s err on the side of life - WOMEN’S lives. Because the right to abortion is not about a woman’s right to choose, it’s about her right to LIFE - which means far more than just mere physical survival.

Behind your view is the assumption that women are obligated to have babies just because they are capable of it. Not so. Women can never enjoy full human rights or equality unless they can control their fertility. That includes the right to have sex for pleasure, which carries a risk of pregnancy regardless of use of birth control. So abortion must be available as a backup.

And, then, the money quote:

The moral status of the fetus, when life begins etc., does not matter, because women need and will have abortions regardless - even women who think abortion is murder.

Andrea Mrozek trenchantly notes:

Who is honestly going to stand up for our “right” to casual sex (and hey, while we’re at it, can we enshrine that it be really good sex too?) over someone else’s life? Guess Joyce Arthur just did. (It’s also a twisted sense of pleasure that sees women heading to a clinic to put their feet in stirrups for invasive surgery, all as a matter of routine “choice”.)

Uh, yeah.

*HT for the meme: Mark Shea

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