Friday, January 23, 2009

Never Say No to the Media

After flying back from Washington this morning after the March yesterday — which was HUGE, btw — I came directly into the office, and five minutes later got a call from CBS2 News asking if they could interview someone about this story.

Nearly all of my co-workers are still in Washington, so it fell on me as to whether to accept the interview or not.

My boss, Joe Scheidler, has always said that we should never turn down an interview request by the media, so even though I hadn't even heard about the story, I agreed to do it.

That gave me about an hour to read up on it.

The pro-life blogosphere's go-to guys on stem cell research matters are JivinJehoshaphat and Wesley Smith. True to form, Smith had already blogged about this story this morning, which was a big help to me.

I just finished the interview, which will supposedly air at 5:00pm tonight on CBS2 News.


sunnyday said...

Glad to know you didn't say "no" to the invitation to be interviewed!

I went to the website but couldn't find the report for which you were interviewed. Hope you can post the video here sometime. Thanks.

John Jansen said...


You should be able to see the story here.

I found it to be not a little biased, although that doesn't at all surprise me. For me, the coup de grace was the reporter's editorializing about Obama's "restor[ing] science to its rightful place".