Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Behold the New Jansen Family Truckster

It was inevitable that we'd have to upgrade sooner or later, and what with (a) our 6th child due in a mere 23 days, and (b) our minivan only seating 7, now was the time.


Jan Fischer said...

If the Jansen family is blessed with any more children after the arrival of the latest addition, you miight have to resort to a bus...Partridge family style! :) I'm keeping you, Jocelyn, and the family in my prayers as you get ready to welcome the baby.

The Dutchman said...

Does that fit in your garage?

John Jansen said...


Thanks for the prayers!


In a world where the entrance to our garage is 6 inches higher, yes.

But alas, in this world, no.

The Dutchman said...

I was actually thinking length would be the problem (those Berwyn garages were built in the days of the Essex, DeSoto, and Model A), but I'll bet if you modified the suspension, made it a "lowrider," that you could get it in that garage!