Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Third Secret - Did The Pope Lie?

Asks Pat Archbold in the NCR.

The answer:

Um, no.

I have exactly no patience for those who believe that Pope John Paul II was part of some nefarious cover-up of what was supposedly really contained in the Third Secret of Fatima given to Sr. Lucia.

If you're going to cantankerously oppose what the Vatican says regarding Marian apparitions, you'd probably be better off paying no attention to them at all.

[HT: Creative Minority Report]

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Gregory J. said...

I'm growing pretty tired of this Archbold character. He wrote a piece a couple weeks ago on subsidiarity, but used a Wiki-article to initially define what subsidiarity is, then proceeded to take little snippets of what the Pope's have said in their social encyclicals to back up his point, which was to defend classic liberalism-style-healthcare using Catholic Social Teaching.