Friday, May 28, 2010

Hawkeytown Indifference

So the Stanley Cup finals start tomorrow night, and I'm wondering if I may be the only person in Chicagoland who couldn't care less what happens to the Blackhawks.

Hailing, as I do, from Minnesota, and (1) remaining bitter that Norm Green moved the North Stars to Dallas in 1993, and (2) refusing, on principle, to root for any team whose name is a collective noun, for years, I've been a man without an NHL team.

All I'm hoping is that the series is a sweep (regardless of who sweeps who), because I'm growing tired of all the extra pre-emptings of Milt Rosenberg on WGN.

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Michelle said...

I heartily agree. The North Stars should have remained in Minnesota! And "The Minnesota Wild" is a lame name for a team. (I don't really like hockey anyway though, so who cares what I think.)

Enjoy your parents visit.

(By the way, in starting to pack, I found a thank-you card Katie wrote you guys for her birthday present that never got mailed -- what is up with me? And, really, it's always the one to you guys that doesn't get mailed. I think Katie hides them!)