Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gilbert!

If G. K. Chesterton were still alive, he would be 135 years old today.

Of course, he died in 1936, but that doesn't mean the rest of us who are still among the living can't celebrate the birthday of the man described by the American Chesterton Society as an "overgrown elf...who laughed at his own jokes and amused children at birthday parties by catching buns in his mouth".

That said, in honor of Chesterton's birthday, at dinner this evening I intend to suspend the recently instituted moratorium on jokes during mealtimes — "Knock, knock" jokes are all the rage at Haus Jansen right now, and I arbitrarily decided this past week that Mom and Dad at least deserved a respite whilst at table — so we can laugh at our own. And heck, I may even decide to catch buns in my mouth for the amusement of our issue.

(The uninitiated may want to check out this essay on the ACS website — titled, fittingly enough, "Who is this guy and why haven't I heard of him?")

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The Dutchman said...

"Knock knock" jokes! I knew there was some reason I was glad I didn't have pre-schoolers around the house anymore ...