Friday, May 15, 2009

It's for Reasons Like This I'm Cynical about the Medical Establishment

I linked to this post a few weeks ago on Facebook, and MWhelehan commented:

My own sister-in-law just had her fourth via Cesarean and the doctor asked her several times if she wanted her tubes tied. I thought that was even more invasive than the surgery. But the explanation was, "We've already got you open..."

From an insurance company's perspective, this is a no-brainer: fork over a few more thousand now, but think of the money we won't have to cough up in the future now that she's done having kids!

I particularly love the "We've already got you open" sales pitch. Imagine going to the dentist to get a filling, and he says to you, "How'd you like for me cut out your tongue? I mean, we've already got your open."

Absurd? Of course.

But it only serves to illustrate that which in reality is absurd: the fact that the medical establishment routinely tells women that they should consider having a side effect laden surgery performed on part of their body that is perfectly healthy and merely doing what it's supposed to be doing.


Soutenus said...

Unfortunately a very common question. After having my youngest (when I was 40) the doctor nearly assumed I wanted this procedure.
I was so disappointed in him .. . . a fellow parishioner!

The Dutchman said...

That's the way the secular world is though. We've only got three, but my secular friends, the people I work with, the other parents at school, all think of my wife as a veritable baby machine. Just after our third was born, people would ask: "How many are you going to have?!?!"

Wish I had five ...