Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Update

The due date for our baby is coming soon.

Officially, it's April 24, but two of our kids have been born at 37 weeks and two at 39, so it will likely be sooner than that.

We're hoping the baby waits to be born until at least April 3. That way, we'll be able to have a home birth, as we've done with our last two.

Otherwise we'll have to give birth at a hospital — please God, no — in which case they'll probably make us do something stupid like give the baby a bath right away.

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sunnyday said...

How exciting :-)

Hope you'll post pictures as you did with Jose's birth. Home births are not yet that common in the Philippines (except in the countryside where a lot of women give birth at home only because clinics and hospitals are quite far, and because most of them can't afford a hospital delivery).