Friday, December 5, 2008

Courtesy of Bryan Kemper

After the release of the Live Action Films video I wrote about earlier this week, our good friend Bryan Kemper has created this:


sunnyday said...

Wow! That's a catchy representation of this latest scandal.

When I think about taxpayers' money there being used to fund entities such as Planned Parenthood, I shudder at the possibility that it won't be much different in my country sometime IF the Reproductive Health bill is indeed enacted into law.

And thanks for posting the video. Got to watch it yesterday. All I can say is... "Grabe."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do!!!

We wondered if you had heard the story "Sing a little louder" or seen the video?

The story is known by the title "Sing a little louder" and is a testimony shared by a German Jew who watched from his church each week trains carrying Jews into a concentration camp. As a church, they decided to just sing a little louder because they did not want to get involved with what was happening. Many years later, as he listened to a woman share her testimony here in America; he wept and stated the same thing is happening here in America as it did in Germany. Christians have learned to just sing a little louder regarding abortion. If the slaughter of millions of innocent babies does not get the church to act, what will?

You can see the 30 second spot on either godtube or youtube below.

Or watch the 2 1/2 minute video here:

We were so moved by this powerful testimony that we made the video (with Penny Lea's permission). Please feel free to use the videos in any way you would like. Our prayer is that the videos will be a tool to reach those who have never thought about abortion before.

Thank you!