Monday, December 8, 2008

So You Thought Fox News Was Conservative, Did You?


I almost never watch Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends.” This past Sunday, however, I turned on the television for two minutes before leaving for church. The three hosts were reporting about a Chicago couple who had remained chaste until their wedding, and who had decided to save their first kiss for the wedding ceremony itself.

This was reported with the incredulity with which one might report a Wiccan moondancing ritual. The discussion went beyond the kiss question to chastity itself, with one of the talking heads announcing, “Try it before you buy it.”

..reminds me of this:

Kent Brockman is out of a job and is staying at the Simpsons' home. Homer, Lisa and Kent are watching FOX TV; a new reality show is being released.

NEW ON FOX. See if fifteen strippers can fly their own aircraft in the new reality series: Landing Strip!

Hey Laaaadies! Look what i can do with the airbags (attached to her push-up bra)

Homer: wow, this is what TV is all about. Real people with real problems.

(Changes the channel to FOX News)

Today on FOX News with the latest LIBERAL OUTRAGE. In Washington today, LIBERALS want to CHANGE the rules to allow NASA astronauts to ABORT space missions whenever they feel like it!

Homer: Ooh! Liberals ... I hate them so much.

Lisa: Kent, I've never understood why FOX can have such conservative views yet air such raunchy shows.

(Changes to Landing Strip)

Homer: Woo Hoo!

(Changes to FOX News)


Homer: Liberals!

(Changes to Landing Strip)

Homer: Woo Hoo!

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Kelli A. said...

Haha, nice use of Simpsons quoting. As for Fox, well, no one ever claimed they were fair and balanced except their own PR people. Fox has a lot of problems so this doesn't surprise me. As for weird weddings, I hired a planner from and some of the stories she told me about wedding requests she got... this doesnt even scratch the surface!