Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Schools in the Jesuit Tradition" Is, for All Intents and Purposes, a Vacuous Euphemism

Alas, the hanged, drawn, and quartered body of St. Edmund Campion must be turning over in his grave at the state of Jesuit higher education these days.

This latest instance, via Mark Shea, reminds me of the time some ten years ago when, during Joe Scheidler's (my now-boss's) RICO trial in federal court, Loyola University Chicago's law school allowed NOW to solicit students to help them in their case against him. His daughter, my friend and current co-worker Annie Casselman, was a Loyola undergrad at the time (as was I).

I like Shea's idea, though: Don't give 'em a dime. Not one dime. Ever.

That's why Jocelyn and I have donated exactly nothing to our alma mater.

To be sure, I say this with no joy. Both of us received an excellent education at Loyola, and we were privileged to encounter many Jesuits there who have an undying love for the Faith.

Sadly, however, the increasing sense of disloyalty that has crept its way into the Society of Jesus has made for an environment in many (all?) of their universities in which Catholic identity is largely shelved and certain viewpoints diametrically opposed to Church teaching are tolerated out of a horribly misguided understanding of “academic freedom”.


The Dutchman said...

This problem has been around for a long time.

Despite being TOTALLY secular, and from a Protestant background, my mother felt quite comfortable attending Loyola in the early 1970's.

sunnyday said...

The situation is similar here with our Ateneo de Manila University and a position paper drawn up by some professors. They did categorically say that they are not speaking for the university; according to them, the paper merely expresses their personal stand of supporting the Reproductive Health bill.

The university president issued a memo a few days after the professors made their position public, and only because some bishops asked for a clarification. But the way I see it, the memo was merely for the sake of releasing something.