Monday, November 3, 2008

The Maronite Church

Via Mark Shea, here's a beautiful video giving the history of the Maronite Church in under two minutes:

I've attended the Maronite Divine Liturgy twice in my life, and I can't think of a good reason why it's only twice.

Absolutely, sublime, it is—in no small part because much of it (including the words of consecration) is in Aramaic, the language spoken by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Dutchman said...

When my friend Carrie got married in a Maronite church last August in Portland, and I couldn't attend, I promised her that I would go to a Maronite mass the following Sunday. It was indeed lovely. A very well conducted, respectful service, a solid homily, and nice music. It was almost as if Vatican II hadn't happened to them.