Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Holy Camp Value, Batman!

One day recently whilst the family was consuming grapes—green grapes, to be exact—around the kitchen table, I was prompted to recall a scene from an episode of The Electric Company I saw as a lad that somehow managed to stay lodged in the recesses of my memory.

And, after googling "greedy greg grabbed the green grapes", I found it, via the magic of YouTube:


sunnyday said...

Haha!! This didn't strike a familiar chord, but upon playing it and hearing them "sing" in their own Electric Company way, I did remember this segment.

It's fun to see Morgan Freeman in his Electric Company days; the movie characters he plays are so deep and serious...

Naive said...

I recently found the Electric Company on DVD at our public library, and like you I remember it fondly. So, I had to take it home! What a cast! It's as great as I remember. I laugh to it still, and trust me, there's not much TV I enjoy these days. And it really does help children learn to read - as they read along on the screen. My three year old loves it!

My wife can't believe that there were people on TV in the 70s who were anything other than white. (She's not from the States.) And my 10 year old poo-poohed it at first, but is also watching now. He does tire of the three year old playing the intro song over and over ad nauseum.

It seems though, that this show would have already been old when you watched it. It started several years before you were born...

John Jansen said...


Until I rewatched some EC episodes in recent years, I'd forgotten that Morgan Freeman had been part of the cast.


Right you are.

The show ran until '77 (the year I was born), but it was shown in reruns until 1985.