Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I was hoping that Chicago's dreams of hosting the 2016 Olympics would have been dashed as of today.

Not so.

Count me among those who most definitely do *not* want the Olympics coming to the city I currently work in and used to live in for nine years.


Chiefly because of the Un. Be. Lievable. levels of graft and corruption our city (and state) are famous for.

Considering all the (tens of? hundreds of?) millions that stand to be made off building contracts if Chicago gets the Olympics, the only real beneficiaries would be those politically connected enough to land themselves sweetheart deals.

And considering that taxpayers could be would be on the hook for, say, $500 million, I'm incurably convinced that I want Chicago to remain an Olympics-Free Zone.

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The Dutchman said...

I often ask myself: "What on earth could motivate a suicide bomber to blow himself up?" and then I remember that the Olympics are coming here and it's all clear to me.