Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well, Get Out the Crayolas and Color Me Tickled Pink!

Jill Stanek sent me an e-mail this morning letting me know about some great news:

I'm so excited! According to blogger spatula at the left wing, the #1 Most Moronic Story of 2007 was (drumroll, please)...

Had the other side not been damaged by the Aurora PP debacle, it would not even have been remembered to make the list, but #1! It even beat Iraq!

And by the way, there is plenty of evidence of wrong-doing. But Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and city attorney Alayne Weingartz are going to moronic lengths to overlook the rule of law in their strange quest to enable PP. Meanwhile, pro-life investigations, lawsuits and subpoenas still abound. Stay tuned.

And to all pro-lifers helping fueling the Aurora PP story, please take a bow.

The latest on our legal fight against the Abortion Fortress of Aurora is here.

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Anonymous said...

Let the fight continue! Happy New Year to you..