Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Opposition to Aurora Planned Parenthood Growing by Leaps and Bounds

***UPDATE: 9/4, 4:15PM: Pictures from Saturday's Youth for Truth Rally added below.***

My co-worker Eric Scheidler has a report on Saturday's Teen Rally at the Aurora Planned Parenthood site. I was happy to see that the rally also garnered a good article in the local paper, the Aurora Beacon (a subsidiary of the Chicago Sun-Times).

The event was sponsored by Youth for Truth, a new group of Aurora area pro-life teens from all different types of schools — public schools, Catholic schools, Christian schools, home schools, and universities. At their invitation, I attended their planning meetings in preparation for the rally.

From the beginning, I've been amazed at their enthusiasm and dedication to the pro-life cause. Now, with the huge success of Saturday's rally, I'm even more impressed.

The Aurora Planned Parenthood story is now attracting national attention. There was a not-half-bad article in, of all places, the Los Angeles Times on Friday, and I just got word from Eric that Fox News is planning to cover the story. Within the past hour, he sent out this update:

I've just gotten word that Fox News Channel (national) is going to be out at the Planned Parenthood site between 2 and 3 p.m. today.

They're interested in what we're doing here, and they're in the Chicago area all day conducting interviews on the Planned Parenthood situation.

So if you can make it, come out to the Vigil site at 2 o'clock to help show how broad the opposition to Planned Parenthood is. There's even a chance -- if you're willing -- that they might interview YOU.

***UPDATE: 9/4, 4:15PM: Here are some pictures I took at the rally on Saturday:

The 500 Youth for Truth T-shirts went like hotcakes, so a lot of teens didn't get one. Still, many who attended already had their own pro-life shirts, like this member of Youth for Christ, whose shirt says, "Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Poor, Pro-Life":

Youths of all ages attended the Youth for Truth Rally, including our daughters Teresa, 4, and Cecilia, 3:

As we were getting the kids into the car after it was over Saturday afternoon, Cecilia summed up the rally as only a 3-year old can: "It was so fun."

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