Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of our new favorite things to do around Haus Jansen is to play One of These Things Is Not Like the Other. It's quickly become a favorite pastime for Teresa, 4, and Cecilia, who turned 3 last Friday.

(In the picture below, Cecilia is on the left, Teresa is on the right, and 19-month old Lucia - who has yet to develop an interest in the game - is in the middle.)

We play on either a dry-erase board or a Doodle Pro.

It's a rather simple game: We divide the writing surface in tofour quadrants, and then draw four pictures in each of said quadrants. Then, the others have to guess - duh - which of the things is not like the other.

After only a few weeks, both Teresa and Cecilia have shown that they're far better at the game than I am, even without age-handicapping being factored in - not only because I can't draw to save my life, but also because they're darn good at figuring out which one of -- well, you know.

The other night while we were playing, the four pictures Cecilia drew were of a dog, a camel, a tree, and Jesus.

When she asked me to guess which thing didn't belong, I said, "Is it Jesus?" and she said, "Yeah!" And then I asked her, "Why is it Jesus?" - expecting her to say something like, "Because He's a man", but instead, she said, "Because Jesus is risen."

Brought a big smile to my face, she did.


sunnyday said...

Well, I'm quite stunned by Cecilia's answer to your question. And that's a toddler!

What really cute daughters you have =)

John said...



(They take after their mother.)

Heather Asunskis said...

Nah, they definitely are just a tad like you as well! They are such gifts. You both have really done a great job at parenting.