Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey, You - Listen to Me!

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed for a Catholic radio show that's broadcast on a Christian radio station in northeastern Oklahoma. In the interview, I talked about why so-called comprehensive sex education programs are a bad idea.

The interviewer, Cyndi Kane, has just informed me that the podcast is available here.

A few months ago, I spoke on this topic in greater detail at a pro-life youth conference my co-workers and I hosted in the Chicago area. CD copies of that talk, titled "What Are Adults Thinking? On 'Comprehensive' Sex Ed", can be ordered here [PDF].

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Cyndi said...

Thanks for allowing me to interview you! You were a very effective speaker on the topic of sex ed - great insights and very entertaining, as well. Thanks for trying to share the Good News to a troubled, broken world!

John said...


And thank you for the compliments!