Friday, April 15, 2011

"How Ayn Rand Ruined My Childhood"

An interesting column ran in Salon last week entitled "How Ayn Rand Ruined My Childhood".

Reading it, I was reminded of something Mark Shea has often said: namely, that libertarianism is a philosophy for people with no children.

It also reminded me that choosing how to live one's life is not a matter of choosing whether or not one will subscribe to a dogma (or set of dogmas), but, rather, choosing which particular dogma (or set of dogmas) one will subscribe to.

And, it also reminded me of this.


youtube said...

She ruined my late teens and early 20s too. I still find myself picking rancid pieces of her vile philosophy out from between the teeth of my brain.

Matt Yonke said...

And that was me. Not sure quite how that happened.