Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Thing about Dark Humor

...is that for it to work, it has to be, you know, humorous. When it isn't, it's merely dark.

Like this (**Warning: graphic violence...don't watch this if kids are around**):

The 10:10 campaign has since pulled the video from its website

But what sort of groupthink went into the making of it in the first place such that no one realized the whole idea was absolutely barking mad?


The Dutchman said...

I saw this about a week ago and immediately thought it was a fraud. I checked snopes.com and did a few web searches and was ASTOUNDED to find out it was on the level.


Michelle said...

I don't even know what to say.

Naive said...

How about adding a more explicit text-based warning for the unsuspecting blog reader?

If someone had described the video to me in words, I would not have clicked the play button.

The video was an unexpected juxtaposition, but killing people is not funny. Sick is the word that comes to mind.

When Monty Python and Saturday Night Live portrayed blood and guts killing, it was clearly fake, and you knew what to expect due to the source. Here the special effects and the source make it gruesome and clearly send the message, "We'll kill you if you don't cooperate."

John Jansen said...


Good point. I'll make the warning more clear.

Anonymous said...

Awful; folks who want to save the planet (a noble idea) but think jokes about killing those who don't follow their thinking?

What happened to the seamless web of life?