Thursday, November 5, 2009


I said last week I'd be posting pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

And so:

The oldest four, as you can tell, are the four seasons. Joey, on my lap, is wearing a sun for Summer; Cecilia, as a flower, is Spring. Teresa is a Snowman for Winter, and Lucy is a tree with leaves-in-the-process-of-changing-colors for Autumn.

Jocelyn did an admirable job making their costumes, no?

And I'm Frankie Valli. Get it?

Mine was not exactly the world's best costume — all I did was search for some Frankie Valli pictures, and, with the help of a wig, tried to appear not entirely unlike him.

Jocelyn resurrected one of her costumes from yesteryear — to wit, Super Joce. And A.J. was a pumpkin:

And here's a picture of the kids in their costumes — once again, made by Jocelyn — at the Saints Party they attended last week:


sunnyday said...

Ooh, I recognize Juan Diego and Mother Teresa, but the other two... hmm is that St. Therese of the Child Jesus? I have no idea who the other is supposed to be.

Where did your wife learn to make costumes?? And I am amazed by her time management skills. She must have started sewing them in the summer or something...

The Saints party is a splendid idea :-)

John Jansen said...


Second from the right is St. Cecilia. It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but she's holding a recorder. (One of St. Cecilia's attributes is a flute; we didn't have one of those on hand, but we did have a recorder.)

She's also often depicted with a crown of roses. Legend has it:

He [Valerian] returned to his house, and on entering the room where Cecilia had continued to pray for the remainder of the night, he saw the Angel waiting, with two crowns of roses and lilies, which he would place on the head of each of them. Cecilia understood at once that if the lilies symbolized their virginity, the roses foretold for them both the grace of martyrdom.

On the right is St. Lucy. Again, it's hard to tell from the picture, but in her left hand she's holding a plate with eyes on it.

You're certainly not the only one amazed by Jocelyn's time management skills!

She's always had a knack for crafting, and she started making the costumes a few weeks before Halloween.