Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Powerful Commercials

A couple months ago, whilst manning a display booth for the Pro-Life Action League at an event at St. John Cantius, I ran into a fellow from the Archdiocese of Chicago's Office of Evangelization, who mentioned that his office was preparing to implement the Catholics Come Home campaign.

I had heard only good things about CCH, so I was really glad to hear that. Now I find out via Mr. H. at All Hands on Deck! that the first phase of the program will include airing a series of commercials on local TV stations in December and January.

Their best known — and amazingly cool — ad, "Epic" is here:

Also excellent is another one called "Movie":


Michelle said...

Wow! Enough said.

Andy Kirchoff said...

I prefer the second ad myself; it's poignant without being too "preachy." The first comes off as a Catholic version of televangelism; I can practically see the ex-Catholic Protestants sitting in their living rooms rolling their eyes at the commercial.