Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a Relief

I received a notice in the mail this week from the Illinois Secretary of State's office reminding me that my driver's license is up for renewal this year.

Great, I thought. Now I get to go and wait in line at the DMV.

But, upon opening the letter, I learn that if 12 statements do not pertain to me, I can instead renew by mail (or by phone or online, but these options would also require a "minimal [read: outrageously expensive by Jansen standards] payment processor fee", so those options are right out).

After reading through statements 1-10, I'm in the clear. Then, I get to number 11:

Your legal name or gender has changed or you have lost your driver's license.

I must admit that the juxtaposition of these three things made me laugh out loud.

Number 12 didn't pertain to me, either, so it looks like the DMV will not have to be visited by me this year.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Guess what? If you ever move back to Minnesota, you have to take the written test again to get a Minnesota driver's license! I hate the DMV!

(Don't ask what happened to my original comment.)

The Dutchman said...

So — you send in the form and get the sticker. Then you paste the renewal sticker on the back of your license and guess what —

You spend the next four years telling people that your license is NOT expired, please look on the back, etc., etc., etc,.

It's pretty annoying when it happens at the liquor store, but it's downright obnoxious when you have to correct a cop!