Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"A Day Late But Not an Overtime Dollar Short"

For them that don't know, we received rainfall of biblical proportions this past weekend. Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood was among the areas that suffered the worst flooding as a result.

This letter writer in today's Chicago Tribune had this to say:

Not Olympic ready

As a nearby resident, I took a walking tour of the Albany Park area Sunday afternoon. I saw the conflicting images of the rapid devastation of a river's torrents and the placid, ineffectual crisis-management response by the city and county administrations. The only sign of completed work was a smattering of small sandbags having been placed at river's edge. There was a poorly managed group of city workers from various departments attempting to make something of a sand pile at one cross-street while police officers were posted at intersections where there was no traffic.

The lack of urgency and collective purpose was appalling—a day late but not an overtime dollar short.

In witnessing the debacle of last year's marathon, I came to expect (but not accept) this type of paltry response on the part of the mayor's office. Is this a city administration that can properly govern the 2016 Olympics? Of course not.

—Jeffrey Conover


Give that man a cigar.

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