Wednesday, July 30, 2008


In light of all the recent goofiness in the Anglican Church, it was with wry glee that I was able to position this sign-holding volunteer thusly in famously liberal Evanston during our Face the Truth Tour a few weeks back:

Shortly afterward, a priestess—wearing a Roman collar and shorts—came out of the church and calmly asked if the sign could be moved off "our property". I responded in equally calm fashion, as I have many times before in this situation, that this was actually public property.

She then asked, "The street is public property?" This was odd, as I'd never before had anyone ask me whether a street was public property. Not to mention that our signholder and the sign were not in the street, as you can see.

I simply said that the street, the sidewalk, and the boulevard were all public property. Saying nothing in reply, she turned and walked away.

Our exchange prompted me to recall Oscar Wilde's quip:

"The Catholic Church is for saints and sinners alone. For respectable people, the Anglican Church will do."

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