Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Logical Outcome of a Culture with an Anemic Understanding of What Sex Really Is

Considering that we live in a culture that assumes teaching abstinence is unrealistic, it certainly should come as no surprise when we hear stories like this one, headlined, "Report of student sex halts after-school club".

And let's not kid ourselves: this is hardly an isolated incident.

Now, if it's true that it's unrealistic to expect that kids will abstain — as so-called comprehensive sex education programs contend — that means it's always unrealistic to expect that kids will abstain.

In other words, if one generally assumes kids can't control their sexual desires, why would one assume that they can control them while they're in school?

Kids don't need lessons on how to have "safe sex" "safer sex".

Instead, what they really need is genuine love and affection. It's bleeding obvious that's what they're starving for.

[HT: Mark Shea]

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