Monday, March 24, 2008

Christ Is Risen!

Indeed He is risen!

As of late, dear reader, you have no doubt been hearing reflections on the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ articulated by those much wiser than I.

That said, all I will offer is this seemingly random thought that has occurred to me each year on Easter Sunday (since at least 1991, when I was in seventh grade) upon hearing the Gospel reading from John 20.

Perhaps this sounds puerile of me, but I must admit I'm always tempted to chuckle when I hear it proclaimed that my namesake mentions not once (cf. verse 4), but twice (cf. verse 8) that he outran Peter and reached the empty tomb first.

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jeron said...

Yuck it up now while you can, dude! Pretty soon your body's gonna start creakin' & places you didn't know you had places. LOL!