Thursday, December 13, 2007

You Learn Something New Every Day

As today is the feast of St. Lucy, happy feast day to our third daughter!

Her given name is actually Maria Lucia (all three of our daughters have the first name Maria, and we call them by their middle names), so she actually has two patron saints (Our Lady and St. Lucy), as well as a hopefully-will-be-declared-a-saint-someday patron, Sister Lucia dos Santos.

And, coincidentally, in light of yesterday's celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I just learned this morning that St. Juan Diego's wife's was also named Maria Lucia.


sunnyday said...

Happy feastday to Lucy!!

I didn't know about that tidbit about Juan Diego's wife's name. Thanks for the piece of information.

Little Goyuito -- curly hair and all -- really is adorable. Our December is another baby who was all of 12 months old (like the most recent one we photographed) at the time of the pictorial. I posted her photo on the blog just now. =)

Merry Christmas in advance! We have been hearing Christmas carols in our country since September (as is customary) and glad that the Day is almost here.


Matt said...

Happy belated birthday to your little sweetheart!

Matt said...

I'm sorry, feast not birth!