Monday, June 11, 2007

You Can't Have It Both Ways

I'm thrilled to see that the press release: "Sex Ed Fundraiser to Feature Stripper" we issued last week has been picked up by a bunch of different sites.

Democratic Underground was one such site, and included this gem of a comment:

Folks, I REALLY have to know the answer to this one.

Have any of these so-called Christian Right people (who are not right, and don't really seem to be Christian either) ever had sex?

Well, let's see... All of my co-workers have children. One has one, one has two, two have seven, and one has eight.

And my wife and I have four.

You figure it out.

What makes a question like this one all the more boneheaded is that those of us who prefer not to goosesteppingly subscribe to the notion that Procreation Is Something To Be Avoided At All Costs are so often accused of being irresponsible because we actually enjoy having large numbers of kids.

Consider some of the, um, clarifying comments in response to this article -- originally published in The Nation (and which also mentions in passing that our "Contraception Is Not the Answer" conference last fall served "as a sort of coming-out party for the anticontraception movement" - what a compliment!):

What pisses me off is that I have to subsidize the breeding of little fanatics for the Holy War these people are planning. Credits, exemptions, dependents, property taxes...The list keeps growing.

If they keep clogging up the tax codes with kid-friendly stuff, we'll all have to have 50 kids, just so we can keep some of our paycheck.


This movement is frightening. To top it off, they home-school their litters. Just perfect. Another way to dumb down an already diminished populations intelligence.

It's definitely a race issue, as well. If it weren't, they'd adopt all the children already here who need parents. Oops, most of those are minority or mixed race. Only Aryans qualify.

These people disgust me.


The behaviour of these parents can be summed up in one word - and this is supported by most of the comments in the posts above. They are 'IRRESPONSIBLE'.

Anybody who brings into the world a child whom they cannot properly support - materially, spiritually and psychologically - cannot be described in any other way.

Sir Julian Huxley was right when he said that we cannot hide in the arms of an inscrutable God; yet that is exactly what these parents are claiming they can do.

And this one, which once again proves Godwin's Law:

This sounds much like the rhetoric used by the Nazis to promote their Aryan ideal. Women were encouraged to propagate to produce the Aryan warrior to take over the world.

Frightening stuff.

We're running out of land, fuel, etc. There are too many people on this planet already. It's selfish to have so many children.

The haters need to get their stories straight, 'cause they can't have it both ways. Either we "so-called Christian Right people" -- whatever that means -- never have sex, or we have too much non-contraceptive sex.

Which is it?


podcastin cyndi said...

Thanks for dissecting these silly arguments of the pro-contraceptive crowd. Aren't they amazing when you see them in print? Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Have any of these so-called Christian Right people (who are not right, and don't really seem to be Christian either) ever had sex?

The idiocy is profound!

Gotta love the "having lots of kids is selfish" line.

(Came here via Catholic Dads btw)

And yes, we will outbreed them all!